Candidate Forum held for empty Marquette City Commission seats

MARQUETTE — A Candidate Forum was held Wednesday night by the League of Women Voters of Delta and Marquette Counties, as an opportunity for the public to become acquainted with the candidates for the two empty Marquette City Commission seats.



Eight people are in the running. The forum is a chance for those interested to hear candidates’ views, in order to cast an informed vote at the Primary Election on August 7th.

The four candidates who receive the most votes at the Primary will proceed to the General Election on November 6th.

“We feel like active participation in government and voting is extremely important, and the best way to do that is to be educated about that,” said Marquette and Delta Counties League of Women Voters Unit Leader, Darlene  Allen. “We really value being able to do the local focus too, so giving people a chance to hear from the local candidates, because what happens at home is so important.”

The names of the candidates hoping to be elected to the two seats are: Aaron Andres, Margaret Brumm, Jenn Hill, Matthew Luttenberger, Brian E. Miller, Mike Plourde, Jermey Ottaway and Jenna Smith.