Sunrise and Coffee Lighthouse tours

MARQUETTE — Folks start at the museum with complimentary coffee and donuts and then start making their way up to the light house.

On the way to watch the sunrise, you hear all the history about the buildings and everything you need to know to help understand the history of the light house point.

Knowing the history of where you live can help you understand why things are the way they are.

“What I love about taking people on lighthouse tours is when I get local people who have never been out there before. Once, they get out on that cat walk, they just love it. That catwalk is the only place in Marquette where you can see the upper harbor and the lower harbor at the same time. Even if it’s a bad weather day and its raining, or windy or anything like that. It’s still spectacular out there,” said Hilary Billman, Director of the Marquette Maritime Museum.

The first light house was built on light house point in 1853. It was a stone structure, that didn’t last very well with the traitorous weather.

So in 1866, they built the one they have out there now.

“This lighthouse was used to help guide ships into Marquette Harbor. There was also a fog horn building that was on the end of light house point. That had a double fog horn, that was steamed powered that would go off every 45 minutes. It helped get ships safely where they were supposed to be,” added Billman.

These tours are offered the second Tuesday of every month.

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