Proposal to improve safety and shoreline

MARQUETTE — Marquette City Manager Mike Angeli talked about a proposal that went before the Commission addressing the safety of the Picnic Rocks Park today at the Marquette City Hall.
It involves some interesting engineering involving an underwater structure by Picnic Rocks.

The plan that was brought up by a local engineer, George Meister, Project manager of GEI Consultants in Marquette, who is proposing the possibility of a grant funded opportunity for the city to construct a wave attenuation structure.

The concept is to construct a submerged breakwater parallel to the shoreline which would be adjacent to the rocks, extending to the northwest. The submerged breakwater would be built to not be visible above the water surface.

This could have the ability to protect the park and decrease the amount of deaths due to drowning. The committee ended up agreeing unanimously to go further with the idea and to pursue further actions with GEI Consultants.