New suspect sketches released in unsolved 1976 murder case

MARINETTE — 42 years ago today a double homicide occurred in the town of Silver Cliff in Marinette County.

The two victims, 24 year old Ellen Matheys and 25 year old David Schuldes were murdered in McClintok Park.

The engaged couple were on a camping trip, when Schuldes was shot and killed and Matheys was found shot and killed the next day.

Matheys was sexual assaulted prior to her death.

With the evolution of DNA, the Marinette County Officials hired a company called Pardon.

The process includes predicting the psychical appearance from unidentified DNA evidence.

“This is no longer an artist conjecture, based on what some witnesses are telling them in a sit down interview. This is science at work, look at the percentages on skin color, eye color, and hair color. To me this is fascinating this is exciting, it’s a heck of a new development in this case and one we just had to pursue,” said Jerry Sauve, County Sheriff in Marinette County.

Marinette County officials are hopeful they will break the case with the new sketches.

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