NEGAUNEE — If you’re looking for some fun entertainment for adults and kids on this soon to be beautiful weekend, you may only have to travel as far as Negaunee.

The Dodge Raminator will be crushing cars Saturday as part of its nationwide tour. The driver and crew will spend over 300 days traveling to many different Dodge dealerships throughout the country, and this weekend will stop at Fox Negaunee.

Driver Kurt Kraehmer says that these tours are something he looks forward to every week.

“It’s great, this is everything I wanted to do since I was a kid,” he said. “I just never gave up. You come across all walks of life and all different people from all over this great country, and it’s really nice to meet and greet with all of them.”

The festivities begin at Fox Negaunee Saturday morning at 8 A.M., with the car–crushing at noon.

Kraehmer and company made the drive from Vancouver, Washington.