Piece of history for sale in Michigamme

MICHIGAMME — Nestled in the shores of Lake Michigamme lies a piece of history that just happens to be for sale.

Camp Kechuwa originally opened in 1914 as a girls camp ran by Helen and J.B. Ross.

This summer camp offered many different amenities to offer enjoyment for all.

“There was canoeing, there was sailing, there was archery, there was sychanized swimming, we had a diving board at the end of the sandspit, swim lessons. It was just all around everything that any girl would dream of doing in the summer,” said Jeff Leake, property Owner.

The late First Lady Nancy Reagan known as Nancy Davis at the time, was one camper who loved to spend her summer here.

“She would speak admittedly about her experiences up here in at Camp Kechuwa,” said Leake.

I went to camp and I absolutely adored it. I loved it. Reagan said in 1987 to the Second International Camping Congress. She even enjoyed swimming in Michigan’s cold water.

During the mid 50’s Leake’s Father and Uncle were given the camp by his aunts and that’s when they opened it as an all boy’s camp.

Leake and his brothers fondest memories sit right here on Lake Michigamme.

“Just the experience of opening camp and setting up all the tents and just seeing all the activity. It was just amazing to me and my brothers as well, growing up to experience this. We were very blessed,” said Leake.

It’s a bitter sweet time for Jeff Leakes as its time to part ways with a place he’s considered home for decades now.

He’s excited for someone else to come in and make memories similar to the ones he’s had.

“Ive been coming up for 59 years now since I was a baby. I would stay in that little white cabin. For someone else to take it over, enjoy it and so forth,” Leake added.

But there are some memories and experiences he’ll never forget.

“Just being able to spend the summers here with my parents, my uncle and my 3 brothers. I just got to do all these experiences. It was non-stop all day fun and what a great learning experience it was. I learned to swim and sail here,” said Leake.

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