Food Festival brings international bites to Marquette

MARQUETTE — If you were in downtown Marquette today, you might have had different food scents hit you all at once.

That’s because, it’s the first day of the 33rd annual International Food Festival in Lower Harbor.

From pizza to burgers, they have everything to satisfy any cravings you might have. A portion of the money that is made goes to 75 different charities throughout Marquette.

“It’s always important to take part in local events like this. Mainly, because it always stays inside the community. Being a part of events like this always make us feel a little better, mainly because it’s going back into the town. You see the same people here you would see on the street helping a cause,” said Greg Moyle, Manager of Superior Mobile Koney Truck.

One local pasty shop does things a little differently than your regular pasty shop. Iron Town pasties is offering 8 different types of pasties. They are also featuring their newest creation “Beer Rock” which is not your typical everyday Pasty.

“That’s no potatoes at all. It’s cabbage, beef, and some pepper spices soaked in beer overnight. I’ll never use the same beer twice,” said John Cizek, Owner and Operator of Iron Town Pasties.

The festival will be going on until Wednesday from noon–10:30 P.M. Live entertainment will be taking place.

Wednesday they will end the festival with Fireworks in honor of Fourth of July.

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