ISHPEMING — Downtown Ishpeming will be welcoming an old establishment that was around back in the day. It was originally called The Royal Bar but is now under the name The Royal Pub. This business is trying to bring back some local history and make it a great place for locals to come and relax.

The bar was originally owned by the Sarvello family, which was built in 1950. But it was originally a mechanic garage back in the 1930s until Frank and Bruno Sarvello came and bought the building and made it in to The Royal Bar. Now a new owner has bought the establishment and wants to bring this bar back to life.

They also have the history of the Sarvello family within the bar to show where the roots are from within the community. But they want to try and make this a family friendly bar to all who would like to come.

“We have the whole family working here and really trying to turn this bar into something family orientated,” said, Owner of The Royal Pub, Tom Auston. “You know just kind of the old cliché, like maybe the ‘Cheers’ type of bar or something and bring some of the locals here in this nice clean establishment.”

The grand opening was at 2 pm and even the mayor stopped in to welcome the establishment into the community.