Painting auctioned off for Keweenaw flood victims

MARQUETTE — One Copper Country native thought of a unique way to donate to the Houghton County flood relief.

David asked his good friend and artist Dan to donate a painting to help the victims of the devastating flood that happened June 17th.

They put the painting out on bids last week, and the bidding ends Friday at 4 P.M.

“I just wanted to help out in some way, some form. The bridge is an iconic feature up there that links the cities together. They are in desperate need so we put it together Dave and I,” said Dan Cook, Artist.

It’s a 24 by 36 acrylic painting on a canvas and a frame is not needed.

The bidding is already up to $1,500

The donation money will go to the Houghton County relief fund and it is tax deductable.

For more information on how you can place a bid contact:

Dave Schniederhan- 906-370-2629‬

Garry Tollefson – ‭906-360-4546‬.