Dead River Derby preps for home bout

MARQUETTE – Meet the Dead River Derby Team. The largest roller derby team in the U.P.

Last year, the women finished third in their class in the state of Michigan, but competitiveness aside – one thing brings the women together, and that’s the passion they share for the sport.

“They’re just such a group of uplifting women that get you where you need to get to be from a skill standpoint, from a comfort standpoint,” said Namaslay, the Membership and Sponsorship Chairman. “It’s a labor of love but its something this group of women are so passionate about bringing to the community. And I think that’s what makes this league so special. We’re not all here because it’s easy, we’re all here because it’s something we devoted ourselves to do it.”

The pure, raw, emotion will be on full display when the Dead River Derby girls hit the track this Saturday.

“It’s going to be epic. We are playing small town outlaws that are from Kalkaska. They’re not really our rivals, because we’re forty year old women, but they’re as close as they can be. It’s going to be really good, really hardcore, really athletic derby.”

Five dollars gets you in the door at Lakeview Arena. Doors open at six, and the match-up starts at 7:00 p.m. There will be a bounce house for kids, as well as Senors taco truck.