U.P. all-stars “pump up” the community

MARQUETTE — Today was day one of U.P. All – Star week.

All the football players from around the U.P. checked in and got ready for a week of activities at Northern Michigan University.

Day one always means food drive, the U.P. football players gather food from their community and drop it off at camp.

It then gets donated to St. Vincent of Depaul. The important thing for the players is to get them out of their comfort zone and doing things for the betterment of the community.

“There are so many times in their lives that they’ve been helped by people and they didn’t even know it. Whether it was youth football or school, maybe there was a teacher or coach. Someone working behind the scenes to help them and they didn’t even realize it. This is very important that they go out there and they do stuff like this. Without even get recognized for it because it’s the right thing to do,” Todd Goldbeck, All Star Game Organizer.

List of all the activities below:

Tuesday evening, June 26, will be the team and individual pictures, as well as media day.  Players and coaches will be available for interviews from any media that are present.

Wednesday afternoon, June 27, will be the Players Skills Challenge.  The players will compete for the titles of Fastest Man, Strongest Man, Receiver, Quarterback Challenge, Kicking and Punting Challenges.

List of all the activities below:
Thursday, June 28, the players and coaches will be visiting Bay Cliff Health Camp, which has become one of the signature events of All-Star Week.  Bay Cliff is a summer camp for children with physical disabilities and the all-star players will spend time with the campers, showing them football drills, and finishing the day by having dinner with the Bay Cliff campers and staff. After dinner, the players join the campers in their traditional flag lowering ceremony at the central square, which ends each day at Bay Cliff and is very special to be a part of.
Friday evening, June 29, is the All-Star Banquet, with the guest speaker to be announced in the next few days.  The banquet provides family and friends a chance to connect with the All-Star players after a long week of practice and activities.  It is formal for the players, and they must take turns standing in front of everyone, introducing their roommate for the week, and telling everyone some things about their roommate.  Players also get recognized for their accomplishments during the Skills Challenge and receive their All-Star Rings.