HOUGHTON — The road to recovery in Houghton county is being paved with good intentions.

“The needs are starting to get shorter, but we still have needs and we’ll try to get that out to the public as best as we can.” said Houghton Police Lieutenant Nick Roberts.

While road crews have spent the past week backfilling sinkholes, repaving, and reopening roadways, the Disaster Logistics Team continues to meet and distribute efforts in an efficient manor. This effort collaborates area donation centers and the use of manpower.

At todays meeting, officials put together a list of items that are still needed and items that re not needed.

“The list is still being formed as we speak,” said Roberts. “What we don’t’ need is clothing any longer. Or bottled water. We have a lot of that. Old items are coming in, so we don’t need any food items.  Again, what we need is dehumidifiers, box fans, garden hoses, and we could use some pallets of gatorade still. Duct tape, and this type of items.”

Donations of these items can be delivered to two are hockey stadiums that will remain in operation through the end of the week.

“The Dee stadium hours will still be from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to take in donations and also come in if you need items. We have a lot of stuff down there,” Roberts said.

Donations that are made after 4:00pm can be delivered to the Calumet Coliseum. They are open daily until 8:00 pm.

Hours and locations for next week will be announced with in the next couple of days, as both venues will be allocated for normal business soon.

“It’s not that we’re going away but the donation sites and the hours may be changing after this week,” said Roberts.

In the mean time residents who’s homes were affected by the flash floods are reminded that help is here, and your’e encouraged to come in with a driver’s license and pick up any of these items. Current inventory includes a plethora of items ranging from tools and cleaning supplies, to food items and toiletries, to name a few.

For those sending large donation loads, you’re asked contact the city first.

“Please have them call the City Center first, the City of Houghton (906) 482–1700. Just let us know ahead of time if your’e bringing a Semi truck full,” said Roberts.

So far more than 90% of flooded basements have been cleaned of mud and muck and volunteer efforts will be directed back to those homes for demolition of damaged material in the upcoming days. This will prep the sites for rewiring and fresh drywall.