MARQUETTE — Every once in a while, an organization or a city can decide that it’s time to change things up a bit.



Local business representatives met with a planning firm to develop a new brand identity for the city of Marquette. Business representatives were asked to share characteristics and assets of downtown Marquette so that they could help develop that new identity. The new brand will be more than just a logo; the idea is to create a more cohesive downtown experience.

“It helps bring in new business, it helps bring in new visitors, and it can be used to help communicate to the locals that you have in the Marquette region about what’s special, what business are offering, and what events and activities are happening in the downtown,” said Aaron Arnett, Principal of Arnett Muldrow & Associates.

Arnett Muldrow and Associates has worked on 17 other branding projects in the state of Michigan. They are working to create an identity for the city that can be seen on signs, products and more.