MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Copper Country experienced a large scale disaster this past weekend that has left people needing support and help to recover.



The disaster has led to many organizations and groups sending crews up to help clean up and repair all the damages in the peninsula and surrounding areas. These crews are in need of flood relief and supplies such as non-perishable food and water.

One organization known as, Courage Incorporated, has made it their goal to help its neighboring counties by sending donations they receive.

“The volunteer and rescue workers need food and water bad,” said, CEO and Co-Founder of Courage Incorporated. “So that’s what we are doing. We are taking food and water as much as we can, if we have to take it up there every day then we will. That’s what we do. We take care of our community and then our community takes care of us.”

“We are going to be here collecting water as long as people want to bring the water,” said, Owner of Junction 95 Bar and Grill, Rhonda Numikoski. “We will figure out how to get it up there. We are going to make a trip today with whatever we can handle. If people want to continue to bring more donations as long as the Copper Country needs it we will continue to bring it up there one way or another.”

Water and food donations can be dropped off at the Junction 95 Bar and Grill. All monetary donations made to Courage Incorporated will go one-hundred percent to the people and flood relief crews of the Copper Country until the area is back on its feet.

For more information on how to donate you can click here.