Lake Superior Village hosts family barbecue

MARQUETTE — The Lake Superior Village Family Apartments in Marquette held an outdoor barbeque and flag raising ceremony Wednesday afternoon.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has begun a nationwide initiative called ‘Strong Families,’ in order to recognize the importance of happy families when it comes to the presence of mothers and fathers in children’s lives. Before the picnic began, a flag raising ceremony took place to honor the country, as Thursday is Flag Day.

“This year, HUD has changed the initiative from a Father’s Day event to a HUD ‘Strong Families’ event,” said Executive Director of the Marquette Housing Commission, Sharon Maki. “We have the opportunity to let both moms and dads know that we really appreciate them, and we appreciate their families.”

Cotton candy, bounce houses, and even a pony carousel were made available to residents, and it left everyone feeling thankful for each other.