MARQUETTE — More energy plants nationwide are straying away from burning coal. It’s a way to save customers more money.

The Marquette Board of Light and Power has shut down their Shiras Steam Plant. They are making way to primarily use their new gas-powered Marquette Energy Center, as well as energy from the grid.

Without having to burn coal, the BLP and its customers can save more and more each year.

“Those savings could amount to $100 million over 20 years. So, moving forward, the board made a decision, along with the staff, that we wanted to move that direction and do the best we could for the community and save that money,” said Executive Director Tom Carpenter.

“The Marquette Energy Center has given us new opportunities that we never had before, with the ability to control our costs, and produce and sell power,” said Tom Tourville, board chairman.

The board will meet tonight to discuss the future of the Shiras Steam Plant. Stay with ABC 10 for more on this developing story.