Democratic candidate Abdul El-Sayed looking for U.P. support

MARQUETTE — An organizing meeting was held at the Ore Dock Brewing Company this evening, where many members of the community came together to talk about Abdul El-Sayed.

El-Sayed is running under the Democratic Party ticket for the Michigan Democratic Primary for Governor.

The event tonight was all about working on ways to get El-Sayed’s name out to the rest of the community. The speaker who came on El-Sayed’s behalf is looking for volunteers and the help to get the candidates name out to all who will listen.

Many people that were at the meeting felt that he will be a strong candidate to become Michigan’s next governor.

“I want to see Abdul in Office because this is someone who has the ability to make an impact on our state,” said, Field and Event Organizer for Abdul El-Sayed, Andrew Irons. “This is someone who isn’t your standard politician who is going to talk the talk, but then not walk the walk when elected. So when he is elected governor in November of 2018 we will be able to enact changes that are actually going to help people.”

The primary election will be in August of 2018 to determine the candidates that will proceed to the general election.