3rd annual Gwinn Sawyer clean up coming up

GWINN — This Saturday, June 9th, will kick off the third annual Gwinn Sawyer clean up, thanks to a Grant from the Community Foundation in Marquette County.

Over the past two years, the effort has collected over 64,000 pounds of garbage around the area. They have several different sponsors throughout the U.P., like Northern Disposal and Waste Management, to help this process along.

The clean up is about helping people to appreciate their environment around them.

“We want to take care of it. Helping people recognize that beauty and getting them involved. Once they do that, then there’s a sense of ownership and connection to the community and to taking care of what God has given us,” said Father Allen P. Mott, Pastor.

Volunteers are welcomed to come sign up the day of.

For more information on how to get involved with this clean up click HERE.