Heritage Hills brings “Vocabulary Soccer” to Aspen Ridge

ISHPEMING — Growing up, reading wasn’t everyone’s favorite school subject, but one Ishpeming organization is aiming to at least make the subject more interesting.

Heritage Hills visited Aspen Ridge School today to play “Vocabulary Soccer” with second grade students. The equestrian facility brought along two ponies and a donkey to help the students with the game.

Two students were connected to one animal, and the students were required to guide the animal across the field, kicking a ball along the way. Each ball had a different word on it, and when teams crossed the finish line, students were asked to give another meaning to the word.

Heritage Hills owner Joni Gleason said that these Horse Powered Reading activities give students the chance to interact with the animals while practicing reading skills.

“To make reading fun for them, to see a light come on, like ‘Hey!’ that they actually were able to be in control of this pony and accomplish this, get that ball over the finish line, like ‘Yay!’ It’s pretty exciting,” said Gleason.

Gleason said the facility is looking to organize field trips with area schools and host a Horse Powered Reading summer camp in the future.

To learn more about Horse Powered Reading, click HERE.