Supreme Court Justice meet and greet at Landmark Inn

MARQUETTE — The Marquette County Republican Party hosted an event where people were able to come meet and greet with two Michigan Supreme Court Justices.

The event allowed the public to express their concerns about policies and or their thoughts on how they have been performing throughout the state of Michigan. Both Supreme Court Justices are seeking election and wanted to visit the Upper Peninsula to establish communication between the court and its people that it serves.

“Justice Clement and I are running for election to the Supreme Court,” said, Supreme Court Justice, Kurtis T. Wilder. “We were both appointed by Governor Snyder and so we are just getting around meeting the people throughout the state. Letting them know about our history on the court and why I would like to seek their support.”

“It’s nice to come to different communities,” said, Supreme Court Justice, Elizabeth T. Clement. “The court actually came to the Sault for the first time we were in the Upper Peninsula for oral arguments. We got a really warm reception from the people of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. So it’s nice to be here and meet with people and get a better understanding of what concerns they have.”

The election will be this November and the Supreme Court Justices will be finishing up their current term at the beginning of the summer.