Ishpeming Water Improvement project construction continues

ISHPEMING — The USDA Water Improvement construction project around Ishpeming that is still going on.

Right now, the construction project is working up in the 8th Edition and the entire area is subject to construction. Most areas are accessible except for the ones that are excavated for the water mains.

Today the city manager, contractors and engineers reviewed some areas where more construction might need to be done.

“Something people may not know is that this project is not budgeted to repave all the street widths completely. Its budgeted to repave where the water mane or sewer work is being done. So in some cases, were not actually going to be repaving the entire street. We will just be repaving one half of it,” said Mark Slown, City Manager of Ishpeming.

They are discussing a few sections where they may be able to get council approval to do the whole street, where conditions are poor.

The contractors are due to have the project substantially completed by the end of October.