Ishpeming students bring the classroom to life

ISHPEMING — The 5th graders at Ishpeming Middle School have been learning about water quality for the past year.

Through the Upper GLSI  mini grant from the Superior Watershed Partnership, these kids got to bring the classroom to life on Wednesday.

The 5th graders got to go in the creek, collect samples and then analyzing it on site. This can help kids feel in charge of what they are learning.

“The kids learn better out here because they are more engaged. They can run around, they can touch it, they can feel it. They use their charts to compare and they’re analyzing right here. They aren’t just learning about it and seeing it on the board. They are actually hands on getting dirty, taking their learning into their own hands,” said Kaitlin Rich, 5th Grade Teacher at Ishpeming Middle School.

“Its better, because you don’t have to sit the whole time learning. It’s fun to get your hands on and do stuff,” said Jenna Herman, 5th Grade Student at Ishpeming Middle School.

The kids were excited to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, all while getting hands on learning experience.