Taco Primo reopens under new ownership

MUNISING — Taco Primo is adding a little spice to Munising. The restaurant was previously closed, but is now opened under new ownership.

As the only Mexican Restaurant in Munising its important for them to hit all the dietary needs of people in the community.

“Everything is homemade, that’s what really nice. Our sauces are done in house, all raw ingredient homemade. It was really important to me when opening this restaurant that I hit the diverse range of customers that come through. So if that’s vegan, vegetarian, gluten free. All of the customers that have unique diets,” said Amie Nolan, Owner of Taco Primo.

It’s important for Tacos Primo and the other local businesses in Munising, to come together and support one another.

“We just work together to build each others businesses. The fish basket, where¬†were going to be working with fish and different things. Instead of taking away from each other we build on. It’s been great this little community in Munising. We really excited to come to Munising, to be here and serve the public,” Nolan added.

They have also collaborated with Lake Superior Sweet Shop to make “Mexican Brownies and “Mexican Pastys” exclusively sold at Taco Primo.

This summer they plan on partnering up with the Brew Pub, that’s right down the street. They plan to do a dollar off beer with your tacos promotion.

For more information on Taco Primo click HERE.