Finlandia’s 8 week RN-BSN program offering two summer sessions

HANCOCK — While many students use their summer vacation to fulfill internships and summer jobs, others use the free time to catch up classes or credit hours. Nursing students at Finlandia University are able to do so by utilizing a high-paced online program that will be starting a new course next month.

With it’s new 8 week course, the hallways and classrooms at Finlandia University will soon see the next generation of future medical professionals.

“Finlandia University has had an on line RN-BSN program for quite a few years now. This summer we were able to make some adjustments and offer a lot of our classes in 8 week sessions, which is a really big advantage for a lot of on line learners and adult learners especially who prefer to get those 8 week sessions in and out.,” said Michael Babcock, director of marketing and communications at Finlandia University.

The university says it’s working hard to meet the needs of it’s nursing students.

“The same amount of education happens in the 8 week class as it does in a 16 week course. The students will just have it happen a lot faster which means its a little bit more challenging but adult learners are able to ficus more during that time and get it done with,” said Babcock.

Because the program meets a 16 week criteria in the allotted time, the university is able to offer more summer classes than in previous years.

“It allows us to have additional start dates including one in June. We have a June 25th start date. It’s the first time we’ve been able to offer a second start date in the summer, which adds a lot of flexibility for our students,” he added.

In addition to the next class in June, upcoming start dates for the program also included a late August class as well.

“What we’ve noticed since we started to promote the fact that we have 8 week classes and the fact that we have more start dates available is that we’ve seen more prospects coming in the funnel. The response has been really promising for us and we’re excited to see what happens with this June 25 start date and see if we get a lot more students than we usually would,” said Babcock.

Enrollment and more information can be found HERE.