Grand opening of a small town brewery in Iron County

IRON COUNTY — A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at a new micro-brewery in Alpha Michigan this Friday where three friends decided to start brewing craft beer.

The Alpha Michigan Brewing Company is trying to bring their town some new craft beer as well as help bring the community a little closer. They are trying to bring more businesses to their small town and focus on creating a fun environment for their customers.

They also strive to create their beer with different ingredients and increase the amount of recipes at their micro-brewery. These recipes are unique because these brewers make it a goal to always use some local ingredients in their beer.

“We got 7 core recipes that we are working with now and we got plenty of beer in inventory,” said, Partner in Alpha Michigan Brewing Company, Stuart Creel. “We will continue to explore new recipes and new ideas but our primary focus is we try to use a lot of local things. We have a farmer just down the road that provides us with some grain. So we mix in some local grain with some of the other grains. We also have local hops grown, so we mix in hops with our local hops in our beers. Our Porter School Porter is actually sweetened with a little maple syrup and that’s from local maple syrup which comes from my property. So you know we are using a lot of local things and really trying to promote the local part of Iron County and this community.”

They hope to help local businesses flourish and are hoping to get some local food trucks to come out during the weekends and special events.