Marquette wine experts helping choose the wine for you

MARQUETTE — Instead of highlighting another U.P. winery for our third wine Wednesday, we decided to talk to local experts about how they find the right wine for your personal taste.

Everyday Wines is a locally owned Wine store in Marquette. Everyday Wines mission is to make wine a easy every day pleasure.

At Everyday Wines they are not your average wine store. They have a certified Sommelier who can help find the perfect wine for you, based on what you drink on a day to day basis.

“You can really tell a lot about a person by how they take their coffee. So if someone takes it black they are probably going to be really comfortable with a more high acid wine. If they add a little bit of cream they might want to lower that acidity a little bit. We want to find the perfect wine for each customer,” said Marcella Krupski, Certified Sommelier, Manager of Zephyr Wine Bar and Café.

Within months of opening Everyday Wines customers started asking them to open a local wine bar in Marquette. While they have more than 100 wines available by the glass. They designed the Wine Bar with their neighbors in mind, but also something that would get them excited.

“We really try to create a space that its safe to explore wine, to try new things. So there are people who can recommend, if you liked this in the past, maybe give this a shot. No one needs to know that much about wine, we take people at all different levels to explore and help them find news things,” said Daniel Rutz, Owner of Zephyr Wine Bar and Café / Everyday Wines.

They aren’t just a wine bar, they have beer and cocktails as well as a European Southern Cuisine. They also host dinners created by some special guest.

“We also do our guest chef dinners. It allows professional chefs as well as amateur chefs in our area to come in and do a pop up restaurant. Whatever kind of cuisine they want and then we pair wines with them. We do a series of those the first half of the year. We have one coming up in early June that were taking reservations for now,” added Rutz.

Most of the wine sold at Zephyr Wine Bar and Café, you can buy at Everyday Wine. Every Saturday from 3–5 P.M. Everyday Wines offers a wine tasting with 3 different styles of wine. It’s a good opportunity for the community to come in and sample some wine.

For more information on how to make a reservation for their chef dinners click HERE.