Ishpeming Middle School helping kids make healthier choices

ISHPEMING — Today Ishpeming Middle School had a grant through Project Healthy Schools where they give students an opportunity to try healthy food options they typically wouldn’t try.

They worked the school food program Chartwells that gave them a variety of different health foods. They want to give kids opportunities they usually wouldn’t get.

“Giving them the opportunity to try something that’s healthy and that they might like. It might give them ideas to try something healthy at a restaurant. Opt out of the chips and get a nice kale salad like they had today. Some of the smoothies the kids had today I think they are going to want to get from Smoothie King or Marquette Nutrition,” said Ryan Reichel, Ishpeming Middle School Health Teacher.

Ishpeming Middle school wants to help kids make healthier choices. Kids are able to request the meals they had today in the food line during their lunch period.