Occupational therapy and learning about cognitive impairments

MARQUETTE — The UPHS Memory Clinic hosted a presentation about memory loss on Wednesday at the Peter White Public Library.

This event was set up to help bring awareness to illnesses and disabilities. Occupational therapy can be used as a tool to help loved ones ease through the progression of these changes and work through their situations.

Topics discussed involved ways to modify home spaces and the cognitive strategies that are available to help someone with memory loss and or life changing impairments. The goal of this was not only to see where the individual is exceeding in their strengths, but to look at the individuals weaknesses and strengthen them as well.

“My goal is to increase awareness as to the benefits of occupational therapy,” said, Occupational Therapist, Rachelle Connon. “In any diagnosis, whether you are having deficits related to a physical disability, cognitive disability, and mental disability. Because not only do we evaluate for what your deficits are, but we also want to look at your strengths. We want to promote your strengths while improving your weaknesses.”

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