Celebrating National Bike Month in Marquette County

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Since 1956, the month of May has been recognized as National Bike Month. During Bike to Work Week (May 14th-18th), it’s great to wake up early and ditch the car. Bike to Work Week provides more than an additional way to get to and from work.

God’s Country has plenty of beautiful bike routes. From roads, to trails, there’s always a new way to commute.

“We’re very fortunate here; we have a huge trail system. In Ishpeming and Negaunee, we have 72 miles of single-track trails that people can take advantage of,” said Danny Hill, president of R.A.M.B.A.

There is no better route than the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, the artery of Marquette County’s trail system. The 47-mile stretch is the commuter’s go-to, from Harvey all the way to Republic.

According to Hill,”It makes the perfect avenue for people to bike from Ishpeming to Marquette, or Ishpeming-Negaunee or vice versa.”

Biking to work, no matter if it’s one mile or ten miles, is a much healthier way to commute. There are many other good reasons to get out and ride to work.

“It’s environmentally friendly; you get to see some great scenery, the avenue that we have to Marquette, it’s not unusual to see cranes or geese or deer along the way. It’s just kind of relaxing to ride your bike,” said Hill.

So, this month, and during this summer, get out and pedal to work, and take in some of the great outdoors.