MARQUETTE — When any franchise comes under new ownership, changes are to be expected. A local café will have a new look in the near future.

For the majority of three decades, Babycakes Muffin Company has been a welcoming environment for locals and tourists alike. Come wintertime, one of the go–to eateries in the Queen City will have a different look. The goal is to turn the rustic, homey bakery and café into something more European.

“Really transforming it into what we hope is a French patisserie, and we’ve had the plans in place since before we bought it,” said Owner John Scheidt.

Scheidt and his wife Darsi, who own the Huron Mountain Bakery restaurants, purchased Babycakes in August of 2017. His vision for the bakery has been brewing for a while. The incoming changes are expected to be mostly aesthetic.

“We’ll redo the façade in some really beautiful bold colors and the inside will be more efficient and eye–catching.”

The product, showcased in a simple, unsophisticated, yet comforting manner, will have a new home – a home that’s more vibrant and beckoning.

“The display cases we picked out are more like jewelry cases than display cases,” said Scheidt. “They’re beautiful, European style, they really showcase the product.”

The cases, along with the façade, are expected to be replaced by the end of June. Phase two, which Scheidt hopes will be done in November, will create more space, allowing Babycakes to operate more efficiently.

As an owner, it’s John’s dream to be able to bring his vision to life.

“I’m really excited. This is finally happening. I’ve looked at Babycakes for a year now with this vision. And now it’s finally starting.”

If you’re a fan of the current style, don’t fret. The new Babycakes should be as delicious and as welcoming as it has been.