MARQUETTE — All of the Iron Ore that is mined in the United States passes through the Soo Locks. An unexpected closure, which could happen at any time, would result in a catastrophic collapse in the American Economy.

On April 28th President Trump announced his commitment to help upgrade and fix the Soo Locks. The current Soo Locks, which are 48 years old, are part of the largest waterway traffic system in the country. Due to economic demand for iron ore, a new Poe–Sized lock is needed.

“It’s a fundamental building block of our industry, and we cannot afford to have it go down,” Calley said. “When you consider that one piece of infrastructure going down could cost the United States of America 11 million jobs within six months, we know that we can’t afford to let this risk exist any longer.”

In a press release, Congressman Jack Bergman said:

“Since taking office, building a new Poe-sized Lock in Sault Ste. Marie has been my number one infrastructure priority, not only for the First District of Michigan, but for our entire country…Recently I spoke with President Donald J. Trump about the need to build this new Lock, and the impact that even a short-term closure would have on the economy of our state, and the entire nation. I’m encouraged by President Trump’s interest in building a new Lock in Sault Ste. Marie, and I will continue to work with my colleagues in Congress to move this project forward.”

It is currently estimated that $922 million will be needed for the project. For more information, click here.