NMU Students donate water bottles to Flint

MARQUETTE — Going to college gives students a chance to help out their community and beyond. Local students are giving downstate citizens some much ended help.

Northern Michigan University students collected water bottles to send to residents in Flint. It’s been over four years since the city has had clean water. As of April, the State of Michigan could no longer provide bottled water to Flint, so NMU students decided to do their part.

“It’s given us a chance to exercise our ability to help people when they really need it,” said bottle drive Organizer Julie Curtis. “I’m all about the educational experiences, and to give students a chance to learn how to be more informed citizens and come out of college being well–rounded and able to exercise their rights and help other people is a big thing for me.”

As of today, the students were able to collect 104 cases of bottled water, 40 one–gallon jugs and eight 2.5–gallon jugs.

The bottles will be driven down to Flint this weekend.