Title 6 program providing cultural growth

ISHPEMING — A grant for Ishpeming Schools was talked about on Thursday and it’s involving some students getting in touch with their culture.

The Title 6 Program is about helping students who have Native American heritage to get knowledge of their culture and learn about different aspects of it. With curriculum always changing this program helps keep students involved and knowledgeable of their culture that sometimes is not emphasized enough.

“In the modern day we want to honor the fact that people were here before we were,” said, Ishpeming High School Guidance Counselor, Penny Barney. “And they are just as deserving to learn about their culture and be assimilated in with some of the events and happenings of the people of their culture as much as possible. So this is a way to make that happen.”

Although with less students having applied for the grant is causing funding for the program to not be as successful as years past. To be apart of the program, all you need is to have a parent, grandparent and or the student must  be a registered member of a tribe. If anyone is interested in the program and have the correct credentials to apply, forms can be obtained from Ishpeming High School.

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