Moyle Trucking & Excavating to donate truck to Ishpeming Beautification Committee

When an organization lacks the necessary tools to be able to succeed, the work they do might be more difficult to complete. One local company is lending more than just a helping hand to another that can do much more with that help.

Watering the hanging baskets and the flower beds around the city of Ishpeming used to be a chore. But not this year. Moyle Trucking and Excavating has decided to loan one of their trucks to the Ishpeming Beautification Committee for this year’s work.

“We have so much community pride here in Ishpeming, and that’s just another example of it. We really appreciate what Pat Moyle and his company have offered for us, because we really needed a truck,” said IBC Chair Linda Andriacchi.

They used to have to wait for the city to be done using their truck to be able to water. The donation from Moyle gives them the chance to water when the time is right – not just whenever they have the means.

The small vicinity provides plenty of interaction, and Moyle has developed a symbiotic relationship with the city.

“I think the DDA and the City Manager, they’ve all put in a good effort to bring people together and they’ve been great with us, they help us out whenever they can, so we’re just trying to return the favor a little bit,” said Sean Francis, Project Manager for Moyle Trucking & Excavating.

In such a small community, when an organization like the IBC starts getting to work, the rest of the town will follow. The IBC is always willing to help.

“It’s catchy; the citizens of the city start taking care of their own yards better, and we would be glad to give them advice or help if they need it,” said Andriacchi.

They’ll also never turn away volunteers. It seems with this summer’s donation, they’ll be able to get a lot more work done.