Addiction recovery program offering additional support

ATLANTIC MINE — The Keweenaw fellowship has teamed up with a specialty ministry offering an outreach program that helps those in the area who are battling with substance abuse to overcome their addictions and live a healthier lifestyle. That ministry is now offering anytime counseling sessions to those in need.

Rev. Roger Jenkins has made it is mission to change lives in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Jenkins is an advocate for those struggling with substance abuse and looking for a better way.

“Pastor Jenkins came up to me and asked if we would be interested in collaborating with his organization. We had some space in our kitchen. We allowed them to build an office so we have collaborated,” said Elaine Hendrickson, a minister at Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Jenkins makes himself available to members of his program as he understands that often times a friendly listener is all it takes to prevent a relapse. Dawn of a New Day is a ministry that focuses on addiction recovery and the has recently added counseling to his list of duties.

“This program they can come back as much as they need. If they need that support, we’re here,” said Jenkins. “You know, the problems that we have with addiction. It’s all over. My neighbors over here from the church, it’s a drug house. It’s in our neighborhood, its right in our back door but that alright. This is a good place to be.”

The Reverend is currently already involved with support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous and has also started a new program dealing with all types of addictions that can negatively impact a person’s life. That program is entitled Celebrate recovery and is currently accepting new members.

Jenkins himself says one of his own family members was struggling with addiction and that’s how his involvement with these programs began.

“My oldest son is a recovering alcoholic along with his wife, and while those two were in treatment we had their children I figured that’s the place where I’ve got to go. The good lord led me into this kind of work and its been rewarding ever since,” he said.

A ham dinner fundraiser will be held this Saturday at South Range Elementary School, with proceeds to benefit the program. Hendrickson says that the partnership with Jenkins’ ministry has added quite a bit to the congregation’s moral.

“The congregation is 128 years old and the building itself is over a hundred years old now. I know it sounds strange, but for a while there the church itself was feeling kind of blah. Since we’ve collaborated with pastor Jenkins the building itself is feeling happier again,” Hendrickson said.