Bergman visits U.P. to promote the economy

IRON RIVER — Jack Bergman visited the Western part of the Upper Peninsula today. He toured Lake Shore Systems plant today to see what a long term company does for the employees. That have been in business for a long time and providing jobs for the long term future.

When the tax cuts and jobs acts passed back in December of 2017. They knew that they were going to start needing more and better employees as more businesses expanded.

“They need people with skill sets, basic skill sets that they’ll train. When you’re dealing with a company like Lake Shore Systems that deals in highly sensitive exact machine parts. They need a work force whos ready to perform every single day,” said Jack Bergman, U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. 

Jack Bergman wants to promote successful businesses like Lake Shore Systems, so that other companies who are struggling. They can see a business model that works.