Marquette County Medical Care Facility breaks ground on new addition

ISHPEMING — The Marquette County Medical Care Facility unveiled its new project on Tuesday.

The facility is adding on to its building which will help address some of the needs that were identified over the years. Some of the needs included more private rooms, larger dining spaces and more areas for rehab for short term rehab patients.

“We don’t have sufficient dining space so many of our residents are not able to get into the dining room to eat and have to eat in their own room,” said, Administrator of Marquette County Medical Care Facility, Jerry Hubbard. “So this will allow them to get into our dining space and there is also a need for private rooms. A lot of time we use our private rooms for people with issues in health where they may be contagious or they may have behavioral issues where they can’t cope with a roommate.”

The construction will cost $4.5 million with an additional 1.5 million in furnishing and extra expenses. The addition is projected to be open and operational by May 2019.