MARQUETTE — The opening of a new school facility comes with many possibilities. Northern Michigan University’s new research center will provide many possibilities.

NMU held an open house for their Kinesiology and Exercise Oncology Research Laboratory on Monday. At the lab, students can research exercise, outdoor recreational therapy, athletic training and more. It gives students a chance to apply their learning in the field, in addition to leaning in the classroom.

“Being able to have access to an additional research space is going to hit a lot of students in ways that I don’t think they would have imagined when they decided they were going to do a bachelor’s program,” said Elizabeth Wuorinen,  Associate Dean and Director of NMU’s School of Health and Human Performance. “‘What? I get to do research? Cool!’”

Northern Michigan University has six programs in their school of Health and Human Performance. Wuorinen is hopeful that each program will be able to use the new facility.