MARQUETTE —¬†Student Leader Fellowship Program had their graduation today where the students took their final steps in the program.

The ceremony was hosted at Northern Michigan University’s Explorer Room at the University Center, where they celebrated the accomplishments of the students who successfully completed the two-year nationally recognized leadership development program.

These young leaders are looking to make changes in society and use their leadership skills to achieve this goal.

“They are just trying to make a difference in the lives of people where other programs are not getting it done and we call it social change initiatives,” said, Director of SLFP, Jon Barch. “They’re finding gaps in what they believe are the best of our world and bringing it to those who don’t have it.”

As these leadership graduates head on out the door, a new set of students will be taking their place. But some of the graduates do plan on mentoring the new leaders that will be taking over the duties in these programs.