MARQUETTE — The new UPHS-Marquette hospital is getting closer to being finished and future plans are being made to help make this transition effective and safe for its patients.

While construction is being targeted to be completed by the end of this year, the facility still needs to go through training in transitioning patients between the two hospitals. When the training is completed all the patients at the old facility will be transitioned over to the new hospital entirely in one day.

The new UPHS Marquette hospital, once completed, is designed to make the flow of procedures move much faster and more effectively. The new facility will be updated and be beneficial to all residents in the Upper Peninsula.

“We are very excited about the new hospital,” said, Associate Administrator, Mary Armijo. “It’s beautiful; it is obviously a very good thing for the community. All of our staff and employees are very excited. Once we are able to get into the new hospital I think that a lot of the patients across the Upper Peninsula are going to be very pleased.”

The new hospital building is set to be completed and fully operational by April 2019. The current hospital in Marquette is in the process of being sold after the completion of the new facility.