Locals learn about combating food waste in the community

MARQUETTE — In honor of Earth Day being celebrated this past Sunday, the Marquette Food Co-op hosted a public screening Thursday night of the documentary, “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste,” at the Ore Dock, to address the issue in communities.

Panel discussions with the public were held after the video with other participating businesses and organizations that include: NMU’s Food Recovery Network, Marquette Growth, and the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. This event was intended to bring the issue of food waste to attention, and to give attendees an opportunity to learn how they and others can address it.

Those who joined were also provided with information on how to reduce their own carbon footprint and keep waste out of landfills.

“So, this is an issue we see a lot,” explained Marquette Food Co-op Publicity Coordinator, Kelsie Dwar. “We, at the Co-op, do composting and make sure we reuse as much as we can – so if we can get other people involved in that effort, we think we’re doing something good in our community.”

NMU’s Simply Superior catered samples of food items and local coffee company, Velodrome, was present to serve drinks.