MARQUETTE — The Marquette Ending Hunger organization was dancing away at the Vandament Arena at Northern Michigan University on April 25th, where everyone got to dance at the Black Light Zumba Master Class and help bring donations of food.

The event started at 7:30 p.m. where people from the public and college entered the arena with food and the energy to lose it all on the dance floor. Donations of canned food and PEIF passes were used as tickets to get into the event.

“With this event we are just trying to raise awareness of the hunger and poverty surrounding the Marquette area, the community and surrounding towns,” said President of Marquette Ending Hunger Maija Mattson. “It is just a fun event for people to get together and raise some can donations.”

Donations are always being accepted by Marquette Ending Hunger even if you couldn’t make it to the dance floor.