MARQUETTE — The Department of Natural Resources brought a forum for the community at Marquette Senior High where they were able to learn more about the rising issue known as Chronic Wasting Disease in Michigan.

Currently C.W.D. has not been found in the Upper Peninsula but has been identified in surrounding areas such as the Lower Peninsula and Wisconsin.

The disease is currently 100% fatal with no cure, but is under going research. Therefore until a cure or treatment can be developed, communicating with the public is a priority in controlling this disease

“Well Chronic Wasting Disease is in the Lower Peninsula but we would like to keep it out of the Upper Peninsula,” said, U.P. Regional Coordinator, Stacy Haughey. “It is just really an important part of the process is to get information from our stakeholders and also just create awareness about Chronic Wasting Disease.”

By teaching the public how to prevent the spread of this disease will help control this sickness until further research has been conducted.

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