VA hospital brings new technology to Veterans

IRON MOUNTAIN — VEText has officially made its way to the VA hospital in Iron Mountain. VEText is an automated text message system to remind Veterans of their upcoming appointments at the VA hospital.

Veterans miss more than nine million health care appointments every year. This helps if a Veteran does need to cancel or change their appointments, they get the notice ahead of time.

“A couple weeks we have been using it and veterans have been responding well. They have been confirming appointments and canceling them. Especially the past couple Mondays we’ve had a lot of snow, so they were using it to let us know that they weren’t able to make it to their appointment that day,” said Nicole Kleist, Access Coordinator for VA Hospital.

VetText does not replace other reminders, it solely improves the experience. This is just one more initiative the VA hospital is doing to help improve access to care for veterans.