ESCANABA — Due to a rise in public violence, schools, airports and more are taking proper measures to help prevent potential violence and injury.

The Delta County Airport held an active shooter drill for airport security Wednesday morning. The lecture preceding the drills was to inform officers of what to do, should they find themselves in the presence of an active shooter. Some of the tools that are best used in that type of situation might not be physical objects.

“The greatest weapon we have is the human mind,” said  Bob Berbohm, Delta/Schoolcraft Emergency Management Coordinator. “Knowledge is power, so if we know what to do, we can take corrective actions. But we have to train under some stress, so that the memory recalls and sticks with us. What happens when we’re scared is our senses start to shut down, so through this training, we try to combat some of that.”

Berbohm  said that knowing what to do when an attack or any emergency occurs is paramount, so preparing yourself for any traumatic situation is always a plus.

Each step taken in preparation for a shooting incident can delay injury, damage and much more by a significant amount.