MARQUETTE — Worried that the weather this weekend might put a damper on your plans? Well, don’t worry.

This year’s spring awakening will go on, rain or shine.

The 5th annual Festival of the Angry Bear kicks off Saturday afternoon. The biggest event to kick off the spring will have 18 beers, 7 bands, and plenty more to keep you entertained. It’s a chance for the city of Marquette to come together and get ready for the warm weather, which should be coming eventually.

“It is awesome, seeing the community come out rain sun or snow,” said Ore Dock Creative Talent Representative Kris Wierenga. “A few years back we had a big snowstorm, and it’s just crazy to see what this community will endure for a good time.”

And that possible snowstorm? Not a problem. Angry Bear will happen whether Mother Nature likes it or not.

The event kicks off at three, and your first drink is free with a purchase of a festival cup.