MARQUETTE COUNTY — An event that helps support newborns and mothers happened today.

The Community Baby Shower and Health Fair was hosted at the North Iron Church in Ishpeming. This annual event has been supporting mothers and babies in the community for a very long time.

23 years ago a few agencies within Marquette County saw the community in need of help and new mothers with newborns that needed help and support.

These agencies help create this event and started the Baby Shower Committee where anyone can be a part of this committee and event.

“Our committee isn’t exclusive; anybody from the community can be on the committee,” said Barbie Dupras. “You don’t have to belong to an organization. We put it out there that anybody is welcome too. So there are some people out there who really like babies and they want to be on the committee to help put this together. We are very thankful for their efforts.”

This event helps provide items for babies and new mothers that need some support with raising their young. There is no cost to come to the event and all the items are free at the community baby shower. Everything is done through donations that were donated from the Marquette County community.

But it’s not all about the gifts and donations; it’s about meeting the people and organizations that are out there if you ever need help.

“It’s also about coming in and meeting all the organizations that are in our community that want to help them and support them,” explained Barbie. “They want to help them become successful parents and have healthy babies.”

The event has roughly 75 participants who can bring one guest each to the event. These participants will be given the information, support and knowledge to help with the needs of raising a newborn.

“They have a lot of needs and parents have a lot of needs,” added Barbie. “So we want to be able to support those parents and make this an enjoyable event.”

Next March you can RSVP for the future community baby shower by calling Community Action for more details on the event.