Celebration of Scholarship highlights student researchers

MARQUETTE — Students at Northern Michigan University were recognized for their research efforts over the past year.

The 23rd annual Celebration of Student Scholarship allowed students to share their research projects with other students and faculty. Awards were presented to top projects, as well as three minute thesis winners.

The projects took months for some students.

“A lot of students I know have spent entire semesters on these projects, or even longer. Sometimes it’s summer projects as well. It’s absolutely amazing, and I’m grateful for the opportunities that Northern has presented me,” said Mandy Joslyn, a student researcher for Northern Michigan University’s Forensic Research Outdoor Station(FROST). “The fact that I’m doing undergraduate research as a freshman, especially at FROST, is amazing.”

Presentations ranged from Autoethnography to Climate Change Induced Water Scarcity.

Dr. Lisa Eckert presented awards to the students, who had a chance to talk about their projects.