Superior Dome hosts largest recreational display

MARQUETTE — It’s that time of the year for the public to come to the Superior Dome in Marquette to check out some outdoor recreational products.

The U.P. Boat and RV show is an annual event that always draws a crowd. This is the 25th year that this event has been going on and it’s a great way to find and purchase great equipment for summer fun.

“It’s just a great opportunity if you are interested in buying, because it’s a good place to shop and comparison shop with different dealers with similar products,” said, Organizer, Dave Kimar. “Or if you are just looking around to see what is new and different or what might be different. It’s not very nice outside, so come on inside to a nice and warm comfortable atmosphere in the Superior Dome and enjoy what’s here.”

The event will feature the largest indoor display of recreational products that northern Michigan has to offer.