NEGAUNEE — Volunteers are in high demand and one group is trying to get the word out.

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program also known as, RSVP, is a service for the community to give back and help the people who are in need of the volunteer services. These volunteers put in many hours and try to make a difference through working with RSVP in assisting any of the 52 stations that are affiliated with the group.

“We cannot afford to run some of these programs if we did not have these volunteers giving their time,” said, RSVP Director, Julie Shaw. “So I am very proud to be a part of this program and very pleased with what our volunteers offer in Marquette County.”

The TRIAD program that is affiliated with RSVP works on other programs such as File of Life, Project Life Tracker and Just Hang Up! As well as many more who are still in need of volunteers and helping get the information out into the public that will benefit from these services.

“Making more and more people aware of the services and we are getting more resources involved,” said, Chair Member of TRIAD, Richard Johnson. “More groups want to come on board and RSVP has been very instrumental in getting some of those resources on board. It draws on lots of real positive resources. The challenge then becomes for us is getting that information out to the public.”

There are programs that also involve helping the community through volunteering at places such as Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice. These volunteer opportunities help people who need more resources to help with their duties.

“Most people don’t know that hospice and Medicare requirements for Hospice require that 5% of our care is provided through volunteers,” said, CEO of Lake Superior Life care and Hospice, Sue Kitti. “I think it goes back to the time when the Hospice program was a volunteer program, so we really depend a lot on the volunteers to do a lot of things that our staff just doesn’t have time to do.”
Volunteering is a great way to give back and help the community move forward and grow stronger.

Volunteers of the age of 55 and up are in high demand for RSVP.

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